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Kingstown thief jailed for stealing $50,000 worth of Jewellery

Kingstown thief jailed for stealing $50,000 worth of Jewellery
Jeffrey Jordan


For breaking into a jewellery store and taking $50,000 worth of jewellery, of which the police have only recovered a single gold bangle, a Kingstown resident will spend four years incarcerated.

Jeffery Jordon received this sentence at the Serious Offences Court last Monday, for the charge of, between June 22 and 24, in Kingstown, entering the jewellery store of Lancelot Morgan of Calliaqua as a trespasser, and stealing one gold pendant, eight gold rings, five gold wedding bands, five gold bracelets, 15 pairs of earrings, one gold MK watch, seven gold chains, five gold engagements rings, three Petit Bordel Secondary School rings and four St Vincent Grammar School rings. The total value of the stolen goods is $50,435.

It is said that Morgan secured his shop, located upstairs PH Veira on Saturday, June 22, leaving everything intact. When he returned on Monday, June 24, he discovered that it had been broken into, and a quantity of jewellery stolen.

During investigations, PC Haywood found a gold plated ring at a local jewellery store and he received certain information about it. When Jordon was taken into custody by the police he admitted the offence.

Jordon was also charged for having in his possession, 132g of cannabis. The police who were searching for him because he was wanted in connection with the burglary found him on Melville Street on July 21, sitting by a table outside Ace hardware. He had with him a bag of the substance, and he told the Corporal that a man just gave him a piece of weed.

The prosecution said that only a gold bangle was recovered.

Jordon told the chief magistrate that he did not work alone that night, and that it was someone else’s idea to break into the shop. He also did not keep all of the jewellery for himself, and gave some to the lookout, he explained.

The Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne noted his long list of convictions, and his recent trip to prison in April.

“You’re not doing anything different and you’re not getting any younger,” she told him.

She sentenced him to six years and three months, after adding and subtracting for aggravating and mitigating features. After applying the one third discount for the guilty plea, the sentence came to four years.

A restitution order to the owner in relation to the bangle was made.