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Woman arrested after carrying weed into a police station

Woman arrested after carrying weed into a police station


A woman, who boldly walked into a police station to protest the arrest of two relatives, was arrested after she was found to be carrying a bag of marijuana.

Although the police did not charge Beverley Charles of Barrouallie for her unruly behaviour, they did charge her for the wrapped packages of marijuana that fell from her possession.

Therefore, at the Serious Offences Court last Friday, Charles was charged for having in her possession 31g of cannabis on May 18.

The court heard that this happened during the Leeward Carnival festivities that were occurring on that weekend, and during which two of the defendant’s nieces had been arrested.

The two were taken to the Barrouallie police station, displaying boisterous behaviour, which attracted a crowd. The aunt apparently rushed into the station office in an “aggressive” manner, and she was ordered to leave.
Charles refused to do so. As the police officer was removing her, her bag fell, and several packages of marijuana were discovered.

She apparently admitted “Is mine” to the officers, after the drug was shown to a Corporal at the station.

Charles was arrested, and the 18 paper wrappings weighed.

Before the incident, she had no criminal record.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne told her that she had put herself in hot water, and commented to some amusement that when the bag dropped, “you mussee say “shucks” eh?”

Charles, who behaviour in court was demure, said that she was trying to help her son with his education.

The court chose to fine the Barrouallie defendant $100 forthwith. This must have been paid, as Charles was able to leave the confines of the prisoners’ bay, and the courtroom soon afterwards.