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Magistrate reprimands, discharges pregnant woman

Magistrate reprimands, discharges pregnant woman


Alone, pregnant and afraid, she used her boyfriend’s car to get home, and so the court decided to reprimand her.

Osika Davy of Clare Valley was caught on February 2 driving without a permit and without insurance. She pleaded guilty to the offences before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court this Wednesday and the police prosecution read the facts of the offences laid against the young woman.

She is said to have got into an argument with her boyfriend when the two were at the Questelles beach. She took the key out of her boyfriend’s car, following which he walked away angrily and left her alone. She then decided to drive herself home, using his car.

She apparently also told the police that she had learnt to drive from the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

Davy had said that there was a situation that she needed to talk to her boyfriend about and that she had only taken the keys away so that he would listen to her. She said that she chose to drive home after he left, because she was frightened.

Senior magistrate Rickie Burnett said he was minded to exercise his discretion to reprimand and discharge her, as he understood that she was pregnant, alone and in fear.

He asked the prosecutor what he thought, to which he replied that he was in complete agreement.

Therefore, the visibly pregnant mother was not charged a fine, as is customary when pleading guilty to such offences.(KR)