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Ex-con says he’s being threatened by inmate at HMP

Ex-con says he’s being  threatened by inmate at HMP


Gregory Decaul, a Campden Park resident, is calling on law enforcement to look into threats being made against his life.

Decaul said since his release from prison, he has been receiving threats from an inmate who is still housed at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP).

The irate man said on January 23, the man who has been threatening him called his (Decaul’s) girlfriend’s phone, but she did not want to speak to the man, so she handed the phone to him.

“He tell me he going to kill me,” said Decaul, who noted that this is not the first time that he has been threatened by the man.

Decaul said the other threats were reported to former Commissioner of Police (COP) Renold Hadaway and Superintendent of Prisons Brenton Charles. He said the former COP tried to address the issue but to his mind, the junior officers did not take the threats seriously.

“They (the junior officers) had deaf ears. I went back to them on several occasions and they ignore me. I know I was in prison before, several times, and probably because of this, I think dem ain’t doing nothing for me. One police tell me when I done kill him (the man making threats) they will come for me,” declared Decaul.

He said he is calling on the new Commissioner to look out for his interest by getting someone to talk to the man issuing the threats, before he leaves prison and comes after him.

“He says he getting bail and he will kill me, so I scared for my life, so I want the police to intervene, so I can get redress,” said Decaul, who reiterated, “right now, I scared for my life.”

He added that what is also baffling him is why the inmate keeps communicating with his (Decaul’s) girlfriend.

“I want to know how he getting she number. He is using an illegal phone,” said Decaul.

However, someone with knowledge of the situation has alleged that Decaul’s girlfriend and the man issuing the threats had a relationship when Decaul was in prison and that is the root of the contention.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Department said that Decaul has not reported the most recent threat on his life.