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Mustique worker fined for possession of ganja, cocaine

Mustique worker fined for possession of ganja, cocaine


Six grams of Cannabis and three grams of cocaine in the possession of a former Mustique worker has resulted in a fine of $700.

Allan Gibson, a 40-year-old Redemption Sharpes resident, had worked in Mustique for 22 years, when on New Year’s Day, he was found to be in possession of six grams of cannabis and three grams of cocaine.

At the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Gibson pleaded guilty to the possession of both sets of drugs. Gibson was reportedly at a party at Basil’s Bar on Mustique when a security officer approached him and questioned him as to whether he was selling drugs.

The police report stated that the defendant then said that he was not selling, but if people are asking, he will supply. He was asked if he had more and the defendant then allegedly pulled out bags of the drugs.

The police were then called in and Station Sergeant Cuffy opened the packages in front of Gibson. Substances ressembling cannabis and cocaine were observed and the offence of possession was pointed out to the defendant. Also found on the person of Gibson were a number of currencies, including 200 Euros, 616 US$, 735 EC$ and 250 pounds, which the police say he admitted were from selling the substances.

Lawyer for the defence Grant Connell had a different version to this story in mitigation before magistrate Bertie Pompey. He said Gibson was a ‘hard-working Vincentian’ on the island of Mustique, who on the night in question was not selling any drugs, but was just given the drugs to hold. Regardless, the lawyer said he was aware of what he was holding, which was why he pleaded guilty and had not wasted the court’s time.

“On the land of the rich and famous who appreciate the services of locals, and whose tips are a reflection of their appreciation,” the lawyer further stated, “hence the varying amounts of currency he has on him.”

Connell informed the magistrate that Gibson no longer had a job. “He would not have a job. They are usually relieved of that before they come to you.” He then began to say that the amount of drugs was not significant.

At this point, it came to light that the ‘exhibit’ of the drug from the arrest in Mustique was not in court at the time.

The prosecutor informed Connell that a mistake had been made and the drug had left with one of the officers. The lawyer, who seemed to be in shock, asked, “It left already? What if I asked the judge to change the plea now?”

When he was informed that the exhibit would be there shortly, the upset lawyer still persisted, saying that the officer should be held in contempt.

“I am dealing with a matter; the court has not made an order on a drug. Amazing,” he commented.

Nonetheless, the exhibit did make its way back to the courtroom and the case continued and the exhibit was shown to the magistrate. The lawyer continued his mitigation, saying that his client denies ever telling the security officer that he was supplying. He also highlighted the small quantity of the drug.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey, in sentencing, noted that by the way the drugs were packaged, he found it reasonable to assume that they were packaged for distribution. The magistrate said, “had it not been for that fact, I would have been more lenient.”

The possession of the cannabis resulted in a $200 fine, to be paid in one month, in default of which Gibson will spend three months in prison. For his possession of cocaine, Gibson was fined $500, to be paid in one month or he will face four months in prison.(KR)