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Man who punctured vehicle tyre ordered to pay compensation

Man who punctured vehicle tyre ordered to pay compensation


A man who unintentionally punctured the tyre of a vehicle has been ordered to pay compensation to the vehicle owner.

Junior Danzil, who appeared before magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on November 6, explained that on October 31 at South Rivers, when he was coming from the mountain, he was rushed by some dogs.

“It wasn’t intentional,…I was coming from mountain and the dogs rushed after me,” 34-year-old Danzil said.

He explained that when he tried to fend off the dogs, the cutlass flew out of his hand.

The court heard that about 9:45 p.m. on October 31, a vehicle, owned by Delroy Da Silva of Mt Grenan, was parked at South Rivers public road. Danzil was seen walking on the road with a cutlass in his hand and as he got to DaSilva’s vehicle, he flung the cutlass, striking and puncturing the tyre.

Prosecutor Cato pointed out that although the act was unintentional, the fact remained that Danzil chopped the tire; therefore, he is responsible, as he has committed an offence.

Magistrate Burnett imposed a compensation fine of $300, to be paid by November 30, 2017, or Danzil will face one month in prison.

Danzil asked for three weeks to pay the fine.(GHJ)