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No bail for men charged with attempted murder

No bail for men charged with attempted murder


Two more men have been charged with the attempted murder of Jawanza ‘Sanga’ Fraser, but unlike Jomorni ‘Small Man’ Tash, who was charged last week, they have been denied bail.

Colin ‘Cocoa’ David and Recardo ‘Shrek’ McFee were charged with, in the area of Paul’s Lot on October 15, attempting to take the life of Fraser, while having in their possession an illegal firearm in the commission of the offence and using this firearm with intent to commit murder.

When they appeared in court on Monday, prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche, on being asked if he objected to bail, said that it is to be noted that this was David’s third charge before the court with regard to firearm offences.

This is in reference to the fact that David had already been on bail for two firearm related offences, alleged to have been committed on May 5 and more recently October 18.

Delpleche said the firearm used in the October 15 offence was “still at large” and asked that the defendants be “remanded while investigators continue the prowl for the firearm.”

He also recommended that since the offences are all firearm related offences that the Chief Magistrate could look at the “climate presently existing in our country as it relates to firearm offences.”

In response, defense lawyer Grant Connell said it would be a “lopsided day for justice” if bail was not granted to McFee and David, considering that Tash had already received bail the week before. He also stated that the prosecution’s claim about the ‘gun hunt’ was not made at Tash’s hearing last week and such a hunt would be more “like a fishing expedition” and “like looking for a needle in haystack.”

McFee, who decided to make a plea to the Chief Magistrate, echoed his lawyer’s statement about justice being lopsided if he were not granted bail.

He stated that he was shot at in Diamond on October 14 (referring to the recent incident in which eight people were shot and one died) and told the police everything about it, but (up until that point) nothing had been done. He said, on the other hand “some drug dealer got shot up and I’m in the box already.”

He pleaded “I’m asking for bail please,” saying he did not even know the guy (speaking about David) in the witness box with him.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias said that due to the circumstances and nature of the offences she “cannot discount what is happening at the moment” and remanded both in custody until November 3. On this date bail will be reconsidered.(KR)