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Woman jailed for cocaine possession

Woman jailed for  cocaine possession


A woman is to be incarcerated for cocaine possession after she ultimately pleaded guilty to all charges at the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday.

Jolette Indira LaBorde had become no stranger to the courtroom, having been charged with possession of cocaine in the amounts of 48g, one rock, two grams, one gram and ten grams earlier this year, but choosing to plead not guilty at the time.

More recently, on October 14, at Penniston, LaBorde was found in possession of a far greater amount of the drug.

On that date, she is said to have been in possession of 236 g and 24 g of cocaine.

LaBorde was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled drug, with intent to supply.

This time the defendant pleaded guilty to all offences and was given 21 months in prison for the charges laid on October 14, and nine months for all her previous offences.

The two sentences are to run consecutively.(KR)