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Journalist’s PI continues today

Journalist’s PI continues today


The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into six offences, including murder, allegedly committed by journalist Junior Jarvis continues today at the Serious Offences Court.

Jarvis, of Redemption Sharpes, is charged that on February 14, 2017 at Arnos Vale, he, with malice of aforethought, caused the death of Randy Lawrence by an unlawful act; that he entered the dwelling house of Josette Smith, of Arnos Vale, with an offensive weapon, to wit a gun; and that with the intent to commit the offence of murder on Josette Smith, he did an act more than preparatory to the offence. He is also charged that by fear, he caused Arisha Pompey to go from her home and that he assaulted Pompey, causing actual bodily harm.

At the beginning of the PI, Jarvis’s lawyer, Israel Bruce, informed his client that the prosecution had suggested a paper committal, which means that Chief Magistrate Rechanne-Browne Matthias would have been allowed to make the decision to send the matters to the High Court by reading a brief of the evidence, without conducting a lengthy PI.

Jarvis turned down the offer of a paper committal and insisted on his right to have a PI into his charges.

The prosecution has outlined its plan to call over 50 witnesses in the matter and so far, fewer than 10 have taken the stand.

Jarvis was the holder of a licensed 9 mm firearm, which he is alleged to have used to shoot Lawrence in the wee hours of Valentine’s Day. That was the first violent death reported for 2017.

However, last Wednesday, senior prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche said that journalists covering the PI should be careful what they report, as certain things that are said during a PI should not be repeated outside of the courtroom, lest it prejudices the case.