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Murder accused to stand trial at High Court

Murder accused to stand trial at High Court


“I am innocent of this crime, I did not kill nobody. Evidence is being fabricated against me.”

These are the words from Danneke Billingy, as the preliminary inquiry into the September 29, 2015 murder of Dennis Quintyne of New Montrose, came to a close on Monday, August 7.

Chief Magistrate Rachanne Browne-Matthias ruled that the prosecution had proven that Billingy has a case to answer and the matter would go to trial at the next sitting of the High Court.

Among persons giving evidence for the prosecution was Zanitu Wilson, the girlfriend of the defendant.

Lawyer for the defendant Grant Connell, in his no case submission, noted that the evidence hinges on clothing and the testimony of one witness, known only as XY.

The prosecution, however, states that they had substantial evidence for the case to go forward and that the defendant was seen three times on that one day by witness XY.

Quintyne, the 18th murder victim of 2015, died on Wednesday, September 30, at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), after being shot in his shoulder and stomach on Tuesday, September 29, around 9 p.m. while hanging out with some friends near his home.

Quintyne had 14 children and had in the past run afoul of both the law and illegal gunmen and had been shot on different occasions.