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Ottley Hall man jailed for five years

Ottley Hall man jailed for five years


A five-year prison sentence was handed, yesterday, to Ottley Hall resident Karon “Twin” Bowens, after he was found guilty of having a firearm and discharged it endangering two persons.

Bowens, 26, was charged that on July 4, 2016, he had a firearm in his possession, he discharged the said weapon at Kemel Peters of Green Hill and that he maliciously wounded Aaron Delpesche of Chateaubelair.

He pleaded not guilty when he first appeared before the Serious Offences Court; however, last Friday, May 19, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias found him guilty on all three charges.

She, however, adjourned sentencing to yesterday, May 22, when a five-year prison term was handed down to Bowens, as it relates to the firearm and an eight-month prison term for discharging the firearm.

He was also sentenced to two-years imprisonment for maliciously wounding Delpesche. Sentences will run concurrently.

Reports are that Bowens assaulted Peters twice before and on J’Ouvert morning last year, about 8:30 a.m., Peters was at Randy’s Supermarket and he saw Bowens running towards him with a firearm.

The court heard that Bowens fired a shot at Peters; however, the bullet caught Delpesche in his hand.

Bowens, on the other hand, claimed that he was not in the area and denied having a gun and firing it.

He said he was in the area of Bragsa when he heard the shot. Bowens claimed that he didn’t see many people moving, so he didn’t take the noise seriously. However, someone told him that Lara Carter was in the area and he should watch himself.

The court heard that he took his son and left the area in a minivan.

Meanwhile, Browne-Matthias maintained that the Ottley Hall man was guilty of all charges, although the accused was adamant that he did not have a firearm and pointed out that no firearm was showed to the court. (AS)