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PI into Randy Lawrence death to begin on June 1

PI into Randy Lawrence  death to begin on June 1


The next court date for public relations consultant and freelance journalist Junior Jarvis is June 1, 2017 – the date on which a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of Randy Lawrence will begin.

Lawrence was shot six times at around 7 a.m. on Tuesday, February 14 at Arnos Vale. The Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines (BOSVG) employee was found in the public road with gunshot wounds about his body and later died at the Milton Cato memorial Hospital.

On Friday, February 24, Jarvis appeared before the Serious Offences Court in high spirits, as he blew a kiss to his son, who was sitting in the court room.

During that court appearance, the 44-year-old was formally charged that on February 14, 2017 at Arnos Vale, he did with malice aforethought cause Lawrence’s death. He was also charged that he, by force, compelled Arisha Pompey from her home at Arnos Vale to the vicinity of Options supermarket and that he did assault Pompey, causing actual bodily harm.

Jarvis was not allowed to enter a plea, as the charges were laid indictably.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias denied the former journalist bail and ordered that he be remanded into custody.The Crown intends to call between 20 and 30 witnesses to testify at the PI.

Jarvis, a Redemption Sharpes resident and father of five, was also charged that on February 14 at Arnos Vale, with the intent to commit the offence of murder on Josette Smith of Arnos Vale, he did an act which is more than merely preparatory to the commission of the offence. He is also charged with entering Smith’s house as a trespasser with an offensive weapon, to wit a gun. Jarvis was the holder of a licensed 9 mm firearm at the time of the incidents. (AS)