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Security guard on murder charge

Security guard on murder charge


Anthony Simon, a 24-year-old security guard of Georgetown, was arrested and charged on December 21 with a murder that left three siblings parentless.{{more}}

It is alleged that Simon fatally stabbed Vancinto Balcombe, 40, of Langley Park, about 4:40 p.m. in front of his Georgetown home.

He appeared before the court on December 23 and was remanded in custody, pending a Preliminary Inquiry into the matter.

The Balcombe murder followed another murder which took place in Chapmans on December 20, around 10 p.m. In that incident, 33-year-old Vidana McKenzie-Williams was chopped and killed, while holding her 23-month-old son in her arms.

McKenzie-Williams’ murder left four children without a mother.(LC)