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Union Island man caught trying to smuggle weed into police station

Union Island man caught trying to smuggle weed into police station


A Union Island man was fined $100 on Monday, after he was caught trying to smuggle weed into the Union Island Police Station by way of a fish lunch.{{more}}

Andel Alexander, a 33-year-old labourer of Ashton, Union Island, pleaded guilty to having four grams of cannabis in his possession on November 12, 2016, when he appeared before the Serious Offences Court.

Police say that Alexander brought a lunch which included callaloo, rice, peas and stewed fish for Atiba Jones of Ashton, Union Island, who had been arrested for damage to property.

Alexander first brought clothes for Jones and later returned with food; however, officers became suspicious when they noticed that his hands were trembling.

It is police station protocol that when someone brings food to an inmate, that the person would taste the food and also run his or her utensil through the meal to ensure that nothing is placed in it.

When Alexander was asked to do so, PC 16 Andrews, an officer on duty at the station, saw plastic inside of the callaloo. Now wise to the officer’s observation, Alexander ran, but was apprehended shortly after in the station’s yard by Sergeant Harry.

He also threw the remainder of the food over a wall, but when officers retrieved it they found more cannabis hidden under the fish.

On Monday, Alexander told the court that he brought the food for Jones after he indicated that he wanted a smoke.

Seemingly amazed by the Union Island man’s statement, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias asked him if his friend intended to smoke inside of the police station.

Browne-Matthias scolded Alexander, while reminding him that he has given himself a criminal record for a nonsensical reason and that he brought disrespect to his family name.

The Chief Magistrate added that usually, given the quantity of marijuana that Alexander was charged for, the court would have dismissed the charge, but the circumstances were disturbing.

She, however, credited him with pleading guilty and having no previous offences and to openly admitting to the crime without a “Nancy story” excuse.

Alexander was fined $100; in default, he will spend one month in prison. (AS)