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20-year-old jailed for stoning his father

20-year-old jailed for stoning his father


A 20-year-old Edinboro resident will spend the next three months at Her Majesty’s prison after pleading guilty to wounding his father.{{more}}

When Augustus Stapleton appeared before magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday, he was charged that on Friday, August 19, he wounded Augustine Stapleton, his father.

Police say that Augustine was walking along the main road at Rose Place when his son met him and told him he could not walk the path that he was walking.

Augustine continued walking and when he arrived in the vicinity of the New Haven Funeral Home, he observed that his son had followed him and the younger man then threw two stones, one of which struck Augustine in the head and the other, his left shoulder.

When Augustus took the stand, he said that prior to the incident, a friend of his had hugged his stepmother, which resulted in an exchange of words with Augustine, after which the older man threatened to shoot both of them.

The magistrate, seemingly irritated by the case, noted that his sentence reflected the fact that Augustus had wounded his father.(AS)