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Ganja, seat belt seem to be the only crimes in SVG – Connell

Ganja, seat belt seem to be the only crimes in SVG – Connell


The police in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are exerting their efforts in the wrong direction.

So says attorney Grant Connell, who made his opinion known last Wednesday at the Kings­town Magistrate’s court.{{more}}

The outspoken defence attorney argued that instead of arresting persons for marijuana possession, more effort should be placed on pedophiles and robberies, issues which he says are affecting our youth and the economy.

“Two or three idiots robbing the tourists in Mayreau, breaking into boats; offences that destroy our tourism industry, or the many 12-year-old children at hospital pregnant for some pedophiles destroying our youth….”

Connell, who was visibly upset, made his comments while mitigating on behalf of his client Derek Minors, the manager of Greaves Supermarket Pembroke, who had been charged that on Wednesday, August 10 at Villa, he had in his possession 155, 24 and 173 grams of cannabis with intent to supply to another. The marijuana was found during an early morning police search of Minors’ residence at Villa, led by Station Sergeant Nolan Dallaway.

“I don’t see directions being given to Sergeant Dallaway and gang to go and deal with those issues that destroy the foundation of our society; ganja and seat belt seem to be the only crimes in SVG,” the lawyer asserted.

“Matters of this nature should be simplified to paying a ticket and walk out a station… a man has some herb in the privacy of his own home and 10 police have to go and dig up for it? Police obviously have nothing else to do!”

Minors was fined $500 for the possession of 173 grams of cannabis; failure to pay the fine would result in a two-month prison term. The supermarket manager was reprimanded and discharged for the two other charges. (AS)