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Sandy Bay man charged with unlicensed firearm possession


The matter in which Everisse Bynoe of Sandy Bay was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition was again brought before the Serious Offences Court last week Thursday.

When police constable Creese took the witness stand on June 7 at the Serious Offences Court, he said that a team of police officers went to the home of Bynoe’s girlfriend at Fairbairn Pasture to conduct a search on May 1.{{more}}

He said that after they presented his girlfriend with the search warrant, she took them to a bedroom where Bynoe appeared to be sleeping.

The policemen woke him up, informed him of the search and proceeded to search the bedroom. Creese said that he discovered a .38mm revolver wrapped in a pair of brown short pants at the side of the bed,

According to the police officer, five rounds of ammunition and one spent shell were also found.

Bynoe and his girlfriend, who, according to the officer, said they did not know anything about the gun, were arrested and taken to the Calliaqua Police Station.

“The pants is mine. I don’t know anything about that (the gun),” said Bynoe to the officer. However, when Bynoe gave a statement at the station, he said that the gun belonged to him.

When police constable Young took the stand, it was revealed that Bynoe was neither a licensed firearm holder nor dealer.

Bynoe, who is being represented by Grant Connell, told the court last Thursday that the statement recorded by the police was not true. He also claimed that he cannot read and the statement was not read back to him before he signed it.

Justice of the Peace Ricardo Mc Dowall, who was a witness to Bynoe’s statement, corporal King and sergeant Cain have all taken the witness stand.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias adjourned the matter to July 18, 2016.(CA)