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Suspect caught in possession of cannabis, face mask

Suspect caught in possession of cannabis, face mask


The Serious Offences Court hears many drug possession cases on a weekly basis, but what made Keron King’s case different was the fact that apart from the cannabis found in his right pants pocket, a black face mask was also found in his possession.{{more}}

On May 27 at ‘Monkey Hill’ (Upper New Montrose),­ King was arrested by police constable Lavia for having in his possession two transparent bags of cannabis, weighing 32 grams.

“Officer, is just a small smoke; give me a chance,” King reportedly said to Lavia.

In court yesterday, King pleaded guilty to the charge of having in his possession 32 grams of cannabis with intent to supply.

The shop which King operates at ‘Monkey Hill’ was also searched by Lavia, who found a black face mask in a yellow knapsack.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias also asked King if he had anything to say.

“My father owned the shop before me. The mask was there before; I came and met the mask there,” he said.

Browne-Matthias fined King $300, to be paid forthwith. She also made an order for the destruction of the drugs and confiscation of the mask.(CA)