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NDP candidate guilty of driving unlicensed vehicle

NDP candidate guilty of driving unlicensed vehicle


Yet another prominent Vincentian has been found guilty of driving an unlicensed vehicle.

Ben Exeter, the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for Central Leeward appeared before the Barrouallie Magistrate’s Court last Thursday, September 10,{{more}} where he was fined $400 for driving an unlicensed vehicle.

He was required to pay the fine forthwith, but up to press time, SEARCHLIGHT had not ascertained if the fine was paid.

Exeter, a newcomer to the political scene, has been tasked with the responsibility of wrestling the Central Leeward seat away from the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) in the next general elections. He will come up against veteran politician Sir Louis Straker of the ULP, who gave up the seat in 2010 to his protégé Maxwell Charles.

In the last 10 months, a number of prominent public figures have made headlines when it was discovered that they had been driving without a valid driver’s licence or for driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle. Included among those were opposition member of Parliament for South Leeward Nigel Stephenson, ULP candidate for East Kingstown Luke Browne and radio personality Dwight “Bing” Joseph. (KW)