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Man found not guilty on charge of assault

Man found not guilty on charge of assault


After four adjournments and the seizure of his travel documents, Michael Dabreo was found not guilty of an assault charge that had been brought against him.

When the matter finally came up for hearing on August 14, police alleged that on May 30, 2015, Dabreo pulled a silver and black gun, resembling a 9 millimetre, on police officer Stefano Billingy of Largo Heights.{{more}}

According to police, Dabreo was easily identified because of the streetlights in the area of Gaymes Pharmacy where the matter was alleged to have taken place.

Billingy stated in his report that he was walking on Back Street in the Gaymes Pharmacy area when he saw Dabreo, who allegedly pointed the gun at him saying “Oh you are the tough man,” after the police officer allegedly tried to break up an altercation between Dabreo and another party.

The officer told the court that he then took refuge behind a pillar, fearing for his life and when the altercation was over, he reported the matter to the Central Police Station — describing the assailant and identifying the firearm.

The prosecution noted that Billingy did not have any prior grievance with DaBreo which would cause him to hold a grudge against the defendant. This, the prosecution said, should demonstrate to the court the honesty of Billingy’s report.

Defence lawyer Grant Connell argued that it was “convenient blindness” that Billingy gave a description of the gun, but could not identify which hand drew the weapon.

“The act of describing a weapon and can’t tell how it is held is near impossible,” the lawyer said.

Connell also said that after four adjournments the police still were not able to prove their case without a reasonable doubt, to which magistrate Carla James agreed.(AS)