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Businessman sues client for damage to rental

Businessman sues client for damage to rental


Ex-police officer George Fraser left the Kingstown Magistrate’s court content last Thursday, after successfully suing a client of his rental car business for $9,106.25.

Valtrice Butcher’s claim was dismissed because she was unable to provide evidence that Fraser, a mechanic of Layou, rented her a defective vehicle on July 6, 2014.{{more}}

Butcher, a legal secretary, filed a claim for damages for personal injuries and claimed that Fraser had rented her a defective vehicle.

The woman claimed that she was on her way home from collecting the vehicle last year when it accelerated suddenly, slamming into a pole, which resulted in her receiving several injuries.

A witness who testified on Butcher’s behalf said she had seen Fraser working on the vehicle up to the morning before he rented it to Butcher.

On Thursday, August 6, magistrate Carla James dismissed Butcher’s claim and Fraser was granted the amount he requested in his claim.

Attorney for Butcher Ronald Marks said the contract that Butcher signed with Fraser when she rented the vehicle was unfair. He held that if Fraser opted for third party insurance rather than a comprehensive insurance plan, he was the one who should bear his loses.

Butcher has signalled her intention to appeal the matter.