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‘Crafty’ Sandy Bay man hides drugs in gas cylinder

‘Crafty’ Sandy Bay man  hides drugs in gas cylinder


Persons continue to come up with ingenious ways to conceal illegal drugs. This time, Sandy Bay resident Quinton Ballantyne used a gas cylinder to hide his marijuana and cocaine.{{more}}

He appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on July 9 and was fined $15,000 for possession of 3,996 grammes of cannabis.

Magistrate Carla James ordered Ballantyne to pay $8,000 forthwith or spend nine months in jail. He was further ordered to pay the remainder of the fine within two months, or go to prison for a further nine months.

For possession of 26 grammes of cocaine, he was fined $1,500, to be paid forthwith, or spend six months in jail.

According to the facts in the case, at about 10:10 a.m. on July 9, police constable 798 Pompey was on duty at the Grenadines wharf, where he was stationed at gate number five carrying out routine checks.

He saw Ballantyne approaching the gate with a suitcase and a blue Shell gas cylinder in his possession.

Pompey immediately stopped him and requested a search on his person and luggage, but nothing was illegal was found.

On close inspection of the gas cylinder, Pompey observed that it was not shaking as if it contained gas.

Pompey examined it and noticed that there was piece of cardboard covering the bottom of the cylinder. Pompey removed the cardboard and saw a hole. On closer inspection of the hole, he observed black plastic bags stuffed inside.

Pompey removed the bags, showed them to the defendant and questioned him. He replied, “ah weed.”

The officer cut open the plastic bags and green plant like material resembling cannabis was found.

On further examination, a transparent plastic bag was seen containing five foil paper wrappings, which contained the cocaine.

In his submissions, prosecutor constable Shamrock Pierre told the court that Ballantyne is very crafty and should be made to pay for his craftiness.

Pierre also commended Pompey for his vigilance. (KW)