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Foster acquitted of murder of Agassi Fraser

Foster acquitted of  murder of Agassi Fraser


Green Hill resident Odinga ‘Bumsa’ Foster has been acquitted of the murder of Agassi Fraser.

Following one month of testimony, the 12-member mixed jury deliberated for more than four hours and found Foster not guilty of the charge on Wednesday at the High Court in Kingstown.{{more}}

However, the jury could not come to a verdict on the charge of kidnapping. They were hung at 8-4, at which time a retrial was ordered.

Fraser, who was the cousin of Foster, was found dead on October 10, 2009, face down in the Arnos Vale river, after he had been reported missing two days earlier.

The 18-year-old’s disappearance was reported on Friday, October 9, the same day a $60,000 random was demanded of his family.

Foster’s attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne told SEARCHLIGHT she was happy that Foster had been acquitted of some of the charges and she will now apply for bail on the kidnapping matter.
Agassi Fraser

Bacchus told SEARCHLIGHT that it is not general practice that a case is tried three times.

Two years ago, on June 13, 2013, the case was declared a mistrial after Bacchus-Browne brought to the judge’s attention that a female juror had a close association with the family of the deceased. As a result, then presiding judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle dismissed the entire jury and announced that the trial had to be aborted.

“We have to look at the evidence and consider this. This is a waste of time to have this case retried again. We will appeal this,” she said.

The prominent attorney stated that the prosecution’s case was weak and that the jury made the correct decision.

Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Colin John led the crown’s case.

Justice Kathy Ann Latchoo presided.