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New Montrose resident acquitted of suspicion of unlawful possession

New Montrose resident acquitted of suspicion of unlawful possession


New Montrose resident Kevin Bibby walked out of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court wearing a huge grin, after being found not guilty on suspicion of unlawful possession.{{more}}

He had been charged with having in his possesion a T-square, a spirit level and a hand saw on May 8, 2015, at New Montrose.

He had pleaded not guilty to the charge.

During the trial on Tuesday, police constable 45 Adrian Forde, who is attached to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), said he went to the home of Bibby, along with other CID personnel to execute a search warrant in respect of another matter.

He said Bibby pointed out his bedroom to him, but nothing was found that was related to the search warrant they went to execute.

However, Forde said he saw the three items and questioned Bibby about them.

Bibby replied that he had bought them.

He was arrested and taken to the Central Police Station.

While there, he was again asked about the items, but this time told officers that he found the items. He was then charged with the offence of suspicion of unlawful possession.

However, magistrate Carla James said she was not satisfied with the evidence adduced by the prosecution and noted that she was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the prosecution proved its case.

Bibby was then acquitted of the charge.

Sergeant Elgin Richards led the prosecution’s case.(KW)