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Fraser murder case resumes after mistrial two years ago

Fraser murder case resumes after mistrial two years ago


Almost two years after a mis-trial was declared in the Agassi Fraser murder case, the defence and prosecution are set for another fierce battle in court.{{more}}

The matter in which Green Hill resident Odinga “Boomsa” Foster is charged with the 2009 murder of his cousin Agassi Fraser, began hearing of the retrial on Wednesday, at the High Court’s Criminal Assizes.

The Crown, led by Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Colin John, has so far called only the deceased’s mother to testify.

She is currently under cross-examination by Foster’s counsel, Kay Bacchus-Browne.

At the first trial, on June 13, 2013, Bacchus-Browne brought to the judge’s attention that a female juror had a close association with the family of the deceased. As a result, then presiding judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle dismissed the entire jury and announced that the trial had to be aborted.

Fraser’s lifeless body was discovered on October 10, 2009, face down in the Arnos Vale river, after he had been reported missing two days earlier.

The 18-year-old’s disappearance was reported to police on Friday, October 9, the same day a $60,000 ransom was demanded.

Justice Kathy Ann Latchoo presides over the case. Crown counsel Karim Nelson also appears with the assistant DPP in the matter.

The matter continues at the High Court.(KW)