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Two LIAT baggage handlers on drug charges

Two LIAT baggage  handlers on drug charges


Two LIAT baggage handlers were arrested yesterday, following investigations into a piece of baggage that arrived in Barbados last week, originating from the ET Joshua airport at Arnos Vale, on a LIAT flight.{{more}}

According to a source close to the investigation, the piece of luggage, when searched by Customs officials in Barbados, was found to contain several pounds of marijuana.

Last month, SEARCHLIGHT reported that investigations were ongoing into what police believed to be a drug ring operating out of the ET Joshua Airport at Arnos Vale.

On February 20, 2015, a knapsack originating from the ET Joshua airport, containing 30 pounds of marijuana, was intercepted by Customs officials in Barbados.

According to our source, the knapsack is believed to have been placed on a flight to Barbados along with other luggage by a LIAT baggage handler. The bag had a tag on it bearing the name of the female student. An employee of the airport was also suspected of being involved in that matter.

According to the source, police believe that the ring has been in operation for some time.