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Glen man gets six years for gun, ammo possession

Glen man gets six years for gun, ammo possession


Glen resident Uranus Cabral was on November 27 sentenced to six years imprisonment for unlawful possession of a firearm.{{more}}

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias handed down the stiff penalty after Cabral was found guilty of the charge at the Serious Offences Court.

Cabral, 24, was also found guilty of possession of two rounds of .38 ammunition and sentenced to one and a half years in jail.

The sentences will run concurrently.

According to the prosecution’s case, on November 7, police officers were on mobile patrol in the Glen area, when Cabral was spotted liming on a block.

Officers approached him and requested a search on a backpack that he was carrying.

During that search, the firearm, a black mask, black gloves, a pair of black pants and a black long-sleeved shirt were found.

In court, an unrepresented Cabral told the court that the police did not meet him with the bag. He said the police found the bag at a warehouse and he told them he did not know anything about it.(KW)