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Prison Officer on life support after being attacked

Prison Officer on life support after being attacked


A prison officer is currently on life support at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, following an altercation with his nephew.

On November 23, Grafton Francis Cordice, a resident of Fairbaine Pasture, was allegedly struck in the head with a rock by his nephew, Harold Cordice, also of the same address.{{more}}

Cordice was brought to the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday and charged with the attempted murder of his uncle.

Cordice was not required to plea to the indictable charge and was remanded in custody after the prosecution objected to his bail.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the relatives, who live close to each other, were engaged in an argument over water allegedly spilled on Harold’s mother (Grafton’s sister). During the altercation, Harold allegedly pelted a rock at Grafton, cracking open his skull.

SEARCHLIGHT was also reliably informed that the two men had had at least one serious dispute in the past, during which Grafton was chopped.

The prosecution objected to Harold’s bail on the grounds that Grafton is in critical condition and that he suffered severe damage to his head.

Harold’s bail will be revisited on December 5, pending the outcome of a medical report.

He was not represented by counsel.(KW)