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Magistrate to make ruling on ‘Bigger Biggs’ traffic case next Wednesday

Magistrate to make ruling on ‘Bigger Biggs’ traffic case next Wednesday


Magistrate Carla James will give her decision next Wednesday December 3, in relation to four traffic charges laid against Leon “Bigger Biggs” Samuel.{{more}}

Samuel, CEO/director of Bigger Biggs Trucking, pleaded not guilty to failing to comply with a road sign that said “No Parking,” obstructing the free flow of traffic, failing to remove his vehicle PR 382, which was parked on a public road, and wilfully allowing his vehicle to stay on the road to cause obstruction of traffic, on September 17.

When the matter was called up for hearing on Wednesday at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Samuel’s attorney, Stanley John QC made a no-case submission, stating that he was satisfied that the prosecution did not make out a sufficient case for him to answer the charges.

However, the magistrate overruled his submission and stated that Samuel had a case to answer.

In his testimony, Samuel told the court he was staging a one-man picket of the office of Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan at Granby Street, to protest what he believed was injustice meted out to him.

He said he had the words, “Hon. Judith Jones-Morgan, stop the injustice. I’m human just like you.”

“I was there with my vehicle and I went with one mission, which was to picket. Apparently the police was called in and when they pulled up alongside me, they asked me to remove my vehicle. I responded to them that I was there picketing to get the attention of the AG and I do not wish to move until I get her attention,” Samuel told the court.

Samuel was then placed under arrest and taken to the Central Police Station.

During cross-examination, when asked if he thought he was obstructing traffic, Samuel said he was not of that view and all he wanted to do was get his message across.

The prosecution, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police Glenford Gregg, called four witnesses in the matter.

Samuel is also being represented by John’s son, Akin.(KW)