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Hunter changes plea to ‘not guilty’

Hunter changes plea to ‘not guilty’


The Peruvian Vale woman who had pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining over $26,000 from a resident of Canouan has changed her plea to not guilty.{{more}}

When Molecia Hunter returned to the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Friday, November 7 to be sentenced, attorney Ronald Marks told magistrate Carla James that he had been retained in the matter to represent Hunter and after being briefed on certain details, he was satisfied that her initial plea had been entered in error.

Hunter, 29, of Peruvian Vale, first appeared in court on Tuesday, November 4 and pleaded guilty to 12 counts of deception.

It is alleged that between May 28 and August 21, 2014, Hunter scammed Nathaniel Stowe, a Guyanese mechanic residing in Canouan, out of $26,650, claiming that she needed the money to assist her sick mother and to deal with expenses she incurred after she got into a vehicular accident.

It is alleged that during all the transactions, Hunter and Stowe never met each other in person, but Hunter’s profile picture on Whatsapp was that of a Caucasian woman.

The woman is alleged to have sent Stowe photographs of a Caucasian woman after she alleges that he said he did not want a relationship with a black women because they make ugly babies.

The matter has been adjourned for trial on November 18.(KW)