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‘Mello’ gets one month in jail for criminal assault

‘Mello’ gets one month in jail for criminal assault


Well known Paul’s Avenue resident Michael “Mello” Walrond was on Tuesday, November 4, sentenced to one month in prison after being convicted of criminal assault.{{more}}

On June 11, 2014, Walrond was accused of pulling a knife on Old Montrose resident Michelle Walker and telling her that he wanted to perform an indecent act on her.

According to the facts, Walker said she was walking in the area of the Kingstown Vegetable Market when Mello approached her, then began following her.

When she arrived in the area of the Banfield Service Station, Walker said she told the man to leave her alone, after which he pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her.

The woman reported the matter to the police.

Following his arrest, Mello told police officers in a caution statement that he was in the area of the High Court when he went over to the market area to follow Walker.

“I tell she I want to [perform a sexual act]. I ain’t pull no knife on her. All I tell she is I go hold she…. I ain’t been ha no knife on me. Is the first time I seeing the woman,” Mello said in the caution statement.

In court, Mello continued to deny that he pulled a knife on Walker and admitted that he told her of his desire to perform a sexual act on her.

“I ain’t pull no knife pon she. Only bad man dus walk wid knife,” Mello told acting magistrate Carla James.(KW)