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Georgetown man complains of harassment by justice of peace

Georgetown man complains of harassment by justice of peace


A Georgetown resident is pleading for a man who is a justice of the peace to stop harassing him.{{more}}

Verden Bailey visited SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week to highlight what he says is a longstanding grievance with the man, whom he only knows by the name of Simon.

The 55-year-old alleged that he was attacked by the man on Monday of this week.

“I does mechanic and yesterday I was doing something, but Sunday I cook some food and I had it there and I warm it up, but somehow or the other, it messed up my stomach. This happen like about seven, eight in the afternoon,” he explained.

He noted that he was on his way home when he stooled on himself.

“I make on myself and there is a banana field right across, so I went in the banana field, take off my underwear because where I’m living is so far to walk with something like this on me. So I take off my underwear, put back on my pants,” Bailey told SEARCHLIGHT.

When he was leaving, Bailey said the justice of the peace approached him and asked what he was doing there, but he (Bailey) did not reply.

According to the mechanic, it was at this point that the justice of peace held on to him and began dragging him on the ground, ripping his shirt in the process.

“I didn’t answer him because we not friends; I don’t speak with him. He tell me he don’t want me around there. This justice of peace now…this is the second time he put his hand on me and he caused me to be on a bond,” Bailey said, while explaining a previous incident.

“He drag me so much, I had was to leave the underwear. Did not go to the police station because he knew they were not going to do anything. To me is like if he want me to go to jail. I’m not a thief and where I was, he can’t tell me must leave there.”

The upset man added that he did not report the matter to the Georgetown Police Station because they usually ignore his complaints. However, he stated that he lodged a complaint with the Public Relations department at the Central Police Station.

Furthermore, Bailey added that he would like the justice of peace to repay him for objects lost, clothes damaged and to stop harassing him.

“I lost 38 dollars and my ID. That’s all the money I had…and some phone numbers. I would like him to repay for my shirt too,” he said.(BK)