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Man skips bail, brother ordered to pay $10,000

Man skips bail, brother ordered to pay $10,000


Clyde Peters’ failure to show up for his arraignment at the High Court earlier this week resulted in his brother Kenrick Peters having to come up with $10,000.{{more}}

Kenrick stood as surety for his brother’s bail bond in a matter in which Clyde is charged with two counts of attempted arson.

On Tuesday, when the matter was called in court, Clyde did not appear.

Kenrick explained to the court that his brother has been missing since March 2013, after going out to sea.

A bailiff told the court that he had travelled to Bequia to serve a summons on Clyde, but was told by his brother that the defendant had gone missing.

The bailiff, however, said that he then contacted the police and was told that Clyde had been spotted in Grenada.

Her Ladyship Esco Henry ordered that the fine be paid forthwith.

Kenrick was therefore called upon to pay the bail bond, and as he did not have the funds available, was kept in police custody.

On Wednesday morning, SEARCHLIGHT was informed by a usually reliable source that a relative of the brothers had paid the money.