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‘Famo’ convicted on three criminal charges

‘Famo’ convicted on three criminal charges


Businessman and head of Premium Security, Adolphus “Famo” Adams was, on Friday, convicted on three criminal charges.{{more}}

Temporary magistrate at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court Carla James found Adams guilty of using threatening language and of assaulting two employees of the St Vincent Electricity Company Ltd (VINLEC), at Adams’ business place at Lowmans Bay in January 2014.

Adams was fined $400 on each of the assault charges and $250 for the use of threatening language. He was made to pay the fines forthwith or spend three months in jail.

The fines were paid.

According to the facts in the matter, the VINLEC employees were at the time of the incident responding to a report about issues with the electricity in that area.

The workers said they went to Adams’ property to ensure that any electrical issues at his business place were addressed.

The men said when they first drove onto the compound, they did not see anyone. They said that Adams subsequently came out of his business place, approached the vehicle and began using foul language, asking what they were doing on his property.

According to the men, they tried to explain the reason for their presence, but were ordered to leave. The court heard that as the men attempted to leave, Adams stood in front of their vehicle, and allegedly raised his shirt, exposing what appeared to be a firearm.

The men said they were forced to drive around Adams and then stopped at the entrance of the property to get a reading from the VINLEC meter.

The men said Adams got into a Toyota Noah van and blocked their vehicle from moving.

One of the complainants said Adams approached him and struck him on the cheek with his hand. The other complainant attempted to pull his co-worker away and stated that Adams shoved him in his chest. That was when the workers said Adams threatened to kill them.

Taking the stand, Adams denied all of what was said about him.

According to Adams, he approached the men and asked what was their business at his place and he was told that they were just looking around. Adams said they spoke to him in an aggressive manner and he told them to leave.

He said while driving to leave his property, he stopped and asked the VINLEC employees why didn’t they leave his property. Adams also denied assaulting the men. (KW)