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Footballer fined for stealing copper wire

Footballer fined for stealing copper wire


A one-legged man of Campden Park, who was caught on camera climbing a fence and stealing copper wire, was yesterday fined for his actions at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.{{more}}

Dexroy Creese, 27, who was jointly charged with Corine Pierre, 30, also of Campden Park, pleaded guilty to stealing eight metres of armoured copper wire, valued at $1,120 from the business place of Alex Williams, of Questelles, on July 25.

Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias ordered that they pay compensation of $1,120 to Williams.

The pair paid $700 forthwith and were ordered to pay the remainder by September 9, 2014, or spend two months in jail.

According to the facts, Williams had left the copper wires connected to a generator that is used to supply the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital with power in the event of a power outage.

When he returned the following day, he discovered the items missing.

Upon reviewing the surveillance cameras, Creese was seen jumping over the fence of Williams’ business place, while Pierre was seen pulling the wires through the fence.

The Questelles police were called in on the matter and the duo were picked up.

While in custody, they admitted to stealing and selling the wires.

In court, Creese, who has to be assisted by a crutch, told the court that he is a father of two and is not working at present.

“You does normally be playing football. You are like a superman on the field. I have seen you. You don’t have not one inability,” magistrate Browne-Matthias told Creese.

In the case of Pierre, a 30-year-old mother of four, she told the court that the wires were not hooked up to a generator when they took them.

“We were walking in the river and we see the wires on the ground behind the building,” she explained, adding that they had already raised $700 to pay for the wires.(KW)