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Outgoing Chief Magistrate praises reporters


Outgoing Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, on Friday, praised reporters for their court reporting over her six years presiding as head at the Serious Offences Court.{{more}}

“The press has always been good to me and I am very grateful… I feel you all were special to me; I say thank you, ” Young said as she spoke to reporters Kenara Woods of Searchlight, Haydn Huggins and Ashford Peters on her last day as Chief Magistrate.

Young, who took up duties here as Chief Magistrate in 2008, will soon take up a new role as a judge in Belize.

She spent most of her last day on the job meeting with members of the legal fraternity, who expressed farewell and best wishes sentiments.

Young, who said she’s not a fan of being photographed, said the media have always respected that aspect of her.

“Even when I say I don’t like pictures, you all would tease me about it, but you never did it. You respected that part of me. You all have just been different to me. I am so grateful to you all,” Young said.

She urged the reporters to continue being respectful in their writing, and stressed on doing research.

“You have the ear of the public and do not take that lightly,” implored Young.

Young said she is looking forward to her new challenge and stated that she is happy that her formative years as a judicial officer have been in St Vincent and the Grenadines.