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Angry mother ordered to pay $450 for damaging passport

Angry mother ordered to pay $450 for damaging passport


A Byera woman told a court that she was angry that her daughter was travelling to a country to meet someone she barely knew, so she tore her passport, causing her not to travel.{{more}}

As a result, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young ordered Anetta Williams, to pay $450 compensation forthwith for the government passport when she appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Friday, pleading guilty to damaging the passport.

According to the facts presented in court, on March 3, Williams’ daughter had obtained a new government issued passport and left her mother’s home subsequently as a result of not being able to get along.

On March 22, the daughter went to the mother’s home and told her that she was travelling, but did not inform her where she was going.

On March 24, the daughter, 18, checked in at the E.T. Joshua Airport. After doing so, she placed her passport on a bench when Williams came, took up the passport and began tearing it.

When cautioned by police officers, Williams said she tore it because she did not want her daughter to go away.

In court, Williams said she feels happy that her daughter is still here because she was going to someone she doesn’t know.

“The person don’t even know her either. She met the person online…,” Williams explained.

Williams, who said she only has one daughter, told the court that she has tried [with her] repeatedly, but noted that she used to “run away” from school a lot.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young reminded Williams that while she wants her daughter to stay, she is 18 years old and an adult.

“If she wishes to go to England or Trinidad she can. The law allows it, but the law doesn’t allow you to damage the passport.”

Young also urged Williams to sit and talk with her daughter.

“Your honour, I don’t think she will listen to anybody. Once her mind is made up, she will do it,” Williams replied.

The fine was paid.