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Rockies man acquitted of murder

Rockies man acquitted of murder


Rockies resident Jomorni Tash, 21, was on Thursday, March 20, acquitted of the murder of Devon Jahjust Steele, at the Serious Offences Court.{{more}}

Just before the prosecution brought its case to a close, senior prosecutor in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Adolphus Delpesche informed the court that he was not offering any further evidence against Tash, and as a result, withdrew the case against him.

However, Tash’s former co-accused, Colin David, will learn on April 4 if he will face a judge and jury in the High Court for Steele’s murder.

On May 5, 2013, at Rose Place, Kingstown, Steele, 33, was gunned down in the wee hours of the morning.

He sustained gunshot wounds to the back of his head and chest.

Counsel Kay Bacchus-Browne appeared on Tash’s behalf, while Israel Bruce and Michaela Ambrose represent David.