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Serious Offences Court gets technology boost


The Serious Offences Court has been provided with equipment to assist in the smooth administration of justice here.{{more}}

The Bureau of International Narcotics Law-Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the United States Embassy in Barbados provided the needed equipment, through the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, to the Serious Offences Court.

The gift, comprising a laptop computer, speakers and a projector, was handed over to the Court.

The equipment will be used primarily when video recorded interviews with accused persons are to be played in Court.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has, in recent times, enacted two important laws which permit the use of technology in Court. These are the Interviewing of Suspects for Serious Crimes Act, No: 4 of 2012 and the Witness (Special Measures) Act, No: 37 of 2013.

Since the passage of the new legislation, the Court depended on the police to assist with providing equipment, as well as an officer to operate the system. Now that the Court has its own facilities for the playing of electronic interviews, trials and Preliminary Inquiries can proceed without requiring police officers to assist in providing and operating the equipment.

The INL, along with the Criminal Justice Advisor to the Eastern Caribbean, continue to provide valuable support to improving the delivery of justice here. Earlier this year the High Court was the recipient of a DVD player to permit the playing of DVDs at trials in the High Court, and the booklet, Points to Prove, which is being provided to every police officer, was also funded under this project.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions/National Prosecution Service said it is extremely thankful to the INL for the timely assistance it has been providing.