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Teacher of over 30 years found guilty of indecent assault on teenaged girl

Teacher of over 30 years found guilty of indecent assault on teenaged girl


A 53-year-old school teacher was earlier this week sentenced to 13 months in prison for indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl.{{more}}

President of the Family Court Coleen McDonald, on Wednesday, sentenced Argyle resident Kennard Bullock, after he was found guilty of the offence.

According to facts read in court, on October 10, 2012, the teenager, who attends secondary school, was given a ride in his vehicle by the teacher, who at the time, was teaching at another institution.

The court heard that upon arriving at the area where she lives, the girl asked Bullock to leave her there. He, however, refused and instead drove to a house in an isolated area.

The court also heard that Bullock, a teacher of over 30 years, took the girl into the house and attempted to rape her.

The girl said that Bullock pulled her tights and underwear down halfway, but did not have intercourse with her. She said she was experiencing her menstrual cycle at the time.

After taking her back to the car, Bullock told her not to say anything to anyone. She was then driven back to the gap that leads to where she lives.

The following day, while at school, the girl broke down in tears. Students and teachers attempted to console her, and it was then that she related the story of what had taken place.

Attorney Ronald Marks represented the teacher in the matter.(KW)