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Rockies man gets 10 years in jail for robbery


A Rockies man was on Tuesday, sentenced to 10 years in jail, for robbing a man of, among other things, a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken.{{more}}

High Court judge Wesley James handed down the sentence on Kyle Bacchus after a nine-member jury of his peers found him guilty.

Bacchus was found guilty of robbing Romanso Jack of a Blackberry smartphone, a gold chain, USB cards, flash drives, a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken and other items valued at over $1,500.

The court heard that on November 22, 2012, Jack, a resident of Dorsetshire Hill, went to KFC at Arnos Vale with a friend, and on their way home, they alighted from public transport at Sion Hill.

While walking towards the Dorsetshire Hill close to midnight, the accused appeared in front of Jack, who was speaking to his mother on his cellular phone at the time.

Bacchus then demanded that Jack hand over his cellular phone. After he stabbed Jack in his chest, Jack then handed over the phone. Jack told the court he began running, but because of his injury, he had difficulty breathing and fell to the ground.

He added that while on the ground, his attacker came over him and made an attempt to stab him again. He said he begged Bacchus repeatedly not to stab him.

After his attacker granted his request, Jack said Bacchus asked him where was the bag he (Jack) had dropped. When Bacchus located the bag with the items, he returned to where Jack was and kicked him.

Subsequently, Jack’s relatives came to the scene and telephoned Jack’s friend, who had gone to KFC with him. She had been hiding during the ordeal.

Representing himself in the matter, Bacchus remained adamant that he was never at the scene of the crime.

Bacchus had indicated that he would call a witness, but when the witness came to court and spoke with him, he changed his mind and declined to call the witness.

Bacchus did not give testimony in the matter.(KW)