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11-year-old takes stand in Kenmars Mall burglaries case

11-year-old takes stand in Kenmars Mall burglaries case


An 11-year-old boy, yesterday testified that Jason “Kang Kang” Williams threatened to kill him if he spoke of burglaries committed at the Kenmars Mall.{{more}}

The boy, along with a 14-year-old friend, told magistrate at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court Rechanne Browne-Matthias, that they were recruited as part of an enterprise with Williams and Dennis “Vegas” Richardson, to break into Kenmars Mall and steal a quantity of items from a number of stores.

Williams, 24, resident of Sion Hill and Richardson, 20, of Glen, are charged with four counts of burglary, which are alleged to have taken place between August 16 and 17, 2013.

They are charged with entering Digital Centre and stealing 38 cellular phones, 30 speakers, 65 flash drives, phone batteries, earphones, computer batteries and other items totalling $26,650, the property of Dillon Chen of China and Cane Garden.

They are also charged with entering Clera’s Enterprise and stealing ladies’ perfumes, Victoria’s Secret underwear, back- packs, necklaces, clothing and other items valued at $7,097, the property of Clera Pompey of Prospect.

Williams and Richardson are also charged with entering the Vincy Flavours store and stealing phones, watches and video games valued at $5,299, the property of Bert Williams of Prospect.

Finally, they are charged with entering the PennyWise store and stealing a box of lighters and $1,800, the property of Barbara Bollers of Cane Garden.

The men also pleaded not guilty to damaging four glass panels valued at $1,365, the property of Kenmars.

In court, the 11-year-old boy, who was accompanied by his mother, told the court that he was at a gaming shop in Middle Street when a friend (14 years old) met him there.

He said he and the friend decided to go to Heritage Square. On the way there, they met Williams at Jax Enterprises, and he went with them.

The boy added that they left Heritage Square after some time, when they met up with Richardson, whom he referred to as “Tupac”.

“Kang Kang go for a Bolt Cuttter (used for cutting bolts, padlocks, wire mesh) up town and after he get it, we go down by Bickles side and and we come by the place next to Digicel and go pon de roof,” he testified.

The boy said Kang Kang went down into the building through the roof and used the cutter to cut the lock of a gate.

“Kang Kang open the gate and we go around by the door, when Kang Kang cut off a steel gate….”

The boy said all four of them entered one business place and stole a number of items, including phones.

“All ah we go out back pon the roof and Kang Kang say he want money. We walk pon the wall and Kang Kang say open the window and cut off a steel gate and he tek the bolt cutter and break the window,” the boy added.

He stated that all four of them went into the business place and again took up a number of items, while Kang Kang said he was looking for money.

When they broke into the last store, the boy said it was there that he raised up an almanac and saw a quantity of cash.

“I say watch here, and them been start to scramble for the money. I scramble up the coins…”

The boy said after their escapade, Kang Kang and Richardson went one way, while he and his friend went their own way.

He added that the bags they had were handed over to a woman named Judy.

He also told the court that Kang Kang threatened to kill him if he spoke of the matter.

“Kang Kang tell me if me talk, he go kill me.”

During cross-examination, Williams told the court that the boy’s story was made up and he was in custody at Calliaqua at the time of the alleged incident.

Richardson put it to the boy that he is not referred to by the alias “Tupac”, but he is instead called “Vegas”.

Richardson denied involvement in the matter, stating also that the boy was lying on him.

In his testimony, the 14-year-old boy said when he saw Kang Kang, he told him to accompany him to Heritage Square.

“Me and (calls name of 11-year-old) went on the bridge in Heritage Square to sit and Kang Kang went in the crowd. After that, Kang Kang tell we let we go on a scene…,” he said.

The boy said Kang Kang went for a bolt cutter and when they came back to Heritage Square, Kang Kang told them to wait for him.

“When we been going down, Kang Kang see Tupac over the other side of the road and he tell him something… We walk down and go behind par them find the baby by income tax and climb up on the roof,” he said.

He added that after breaking into a number of businesses, Kang Kang said he was looking for money.

He said when they were in one of the stores, the 11-year-old found the money and Kang Kang hit him on his hand.

He also stated that following the heist, his friend gave the items to a woman named Judy.

The prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police Glenford Gregg, asked the boy if he was sure it was Richardson and Williams who were there that night, to which the boy replied, “Me nar see duppy. Ah dem dey!”

The matter was adjourned to November 4 for continuation.

Neither of the men is represented by counsel.(KW)