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Man arrested minutes after being released

Man arrested minutes after being released


As quickly as Ramon Charles was let out of police custody, he found himself back on the wrong side of the law.

Charles appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, and was fined $400 for using threatening language against Kerusa Phillips of Kingstown.{{more}}

Less than two minutes after walking out of the courtroom, Charles was hauled back into court by an officer for again making threats to the same woman.

Police officers repeatedly told Charles to keep quiet in the courtroom, but he persisted in speaking out of turn and at the top of his voice.

Prosecutor at the court, Assistant Superintendent of Police Glenford Gregg told officers to charge Charles for the threatening language.

Phillips, who was called into the courtroom, said when Charles was exiting the courthouse, he told her he would “box up her face”.

The woman, who had tears in her eyes, said it was not the first time she had a run-in with Charles.

She told the court that once, while she was walking, Charles, in the company of some other men, called out to her, but she did not pay them any mind.

“When I walking, all of them surround me. One of them hold on to my bag and he start to pull me and tell me I feel I fresh and if I think I look good,” she recounted.

“He friend then come and slap me and pull a scissors on me. Same time the police transport come and arrest three of them and he (Charles) was one of them…”

The woman said two months ago, she made a report to the police against Charles.

She said Charles told her that he has done her things before and would do them again, and that she had never gone to court to defend herself.

Charles was fined a further $600 forthwith or, in default, he has to spend three months in prison on the second charge of using threatening language.

He was also sentenced to six weeks in custody for contempt of court.(KW)