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Single mom fined $300 for marijuana possession

Single mom fined $300 for marijuana possession


A single mother of four was on Monday, at the Serious Offences Court, fined $300 after she pleaded guilty to marijuana possession.{{more}}

Sharon Browne of Long Piece, Lowmans Windward, pleaded guilty to possession of 217 grams of the illegal substance when she appeared before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young.

She was ordered to pay the fine forthwith or spend one month in jail.

According to the facts of the matter, at about 1:30 a.m. on July 13, a party of Rapid Response Unit (RRU) officers went to her home to execute a search warrant.

While searching the kitchen, eight paper wrappings containing the drugs were found in a transparent plastic bag in a cup. The cup also contained $89 made up of five-dollar notes and coins.

Browne’s lawyer, Shirlan Barnwell, said her client works as a domestic and has no previous convictions.

The attorney further indicated that for 40 years, her client has walked the “straight and narrow”.

Barnwell also pleaded with the magistrate to impose a fine on her client at the lower end of the scale.(KW)