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Man fined $400 for assaulting police officer

Man fined $400 for assaulting police officer


Ashwin Lewis said he assaulted a police officer and used indecent language because he was drunk.{{more}}

“Your honour, I was intoxicated at the time I do them things dey,” Lewis, a Rockies resident told magistrate Ricky Burnett on Wednesday at the Serious Offences Court.

According to the information read out in court, the police officer was on duty on July 6 at the Soca Monarch show at the Victoria Park, when the defendant was observed at one of the gates, arguing with a security guard.

The security guard requested the assistance of the police officer. When the officer arrived and tried to hold onto him, Lewis said “(expletive) you!”

After cursing the officer, Lewis then pushed his hand in the officer’s face.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to both charges and was ordered to pay $400 by August 7 for assaulting the police officer or spend three months in jail.

He was also ordered to pay a further $150 for using indecent language by the same date, or spend a month behind bars.

In his explanation, Lewis said he exited the park and when he was trying to re-enter, he was told that he could not.(KW)