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Brothers charged with attempted murder of bus conductor

Brothers charged with attempted murder of bus conductor


Brothers Kevin “Nose” Chance and Javis Chance, residents of Campden Park, have been charged with the attempted murder of bus conductor Omarr Providence.{{more}}

Kevin, a conductor, and younger brother Javis, a joiner, appeared before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, at the Serious Offences Court on Friday, when they were read their charges.

Both men are being held on remand until Friday, June 28, when they will return to court for a bail hearing.

Providence, a resident of Redemption Sharpes, reportedly sustained chop wounds to the left side of his neck and three fingers on his left hand during an altercation which took place at Campden Park on June 18.

A relative of Providence told SEARCHLIGHT that the 21-year-old man underwent surgery last Thursday and remains in a stable condition at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

According to reports, on Monday, June 17, Providence and Kevin Chance had been involved in a scuffle over two passengers, whom Providence apparently had convinced to travel in the minibus he worked on, instead of the one Chance was with.

It is claimed that Providence got the better of the scuffle, which apparently angered Chance.

According to our source, later, while Providence was with friends at a shop in Campden Park, Chance along with his brother Javis, showed up. Another alteraction ensued, during which Providence was injured.(AA)