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Cellular phone thief placed on bond

Cellular phone thief placed on bond


Meshell Knoox, the woman who was caught red-handed after stealing a Blackberry cellular phone, was placed on bond on Wednesday.{{more}}

Knoox, who was on Monday, May 13, remanded to two days at Her Majesty’s Prisons, Fort Charlotte, returned to the Serious Offences Court on May 15, and was placed on a one-year bond in the sum of $500. In default, she would spend three months in jail.

When Knoox first appeared in court, she told Chief Magistrate Sonya Young “I just see the phone and I just take it to use it.”

The court heard that the unemployed mother of three went to a salon in Kingstown on Saturday, and stole the phone belonging to an employee at the salon.

The phone owner, in the company of a friend, tracked Knoox down and caught up with her at the bus stop opposite the St Vincent Co-operative Bank on Bay Street.

Knoox was confronted by the woman about the phone, but she denied taking it. The woman’s friend then used her own phone and called the number, which was heard ringing in Knoox’s bag.

Knoox was subsequently arrested and charged.

Knoox was also charged with assault on the arresting police officer, but that charge was withdrawn by the prosecution on Wednesday.(KW)