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Mother claims that her daughter wants her dead

Mother claims that her daughter wants her dead


The mother of a teenage girl who pleaded guilty to cocaine related charges last week, says her daughter wants her dead.{{more}}

At the sentencing hearing for Shakeila Gibson Richards, 16, at the Serious Offences Court yesterday, the teen’s mother told Chief Magistrate Sonya Young that Richards “has no change to change…”

Richards was brought to court on Wednesday, April 10, charged with possession of six rocks of cocaine.

Police were carrying out routine stop and search duties in Kingstown at about 1:30 a.m. on April 10, when the vehicle in which Richards was a passenger was stopped and searched.

A search of Richard’s bag turned up an asthma inhaler, which when opened, revealed six foil wrappings with cocaine in it.

The teen told the court that she intended to sell the drugs.

The magistrate then held Richards in custody until yesterday so that her mother could be present in court.

“She doesn’t care and nobody can tell her what to do,” the mother said.

The woman added that when she visited her daughter at the prison on Friday, she said her daughter told her that she wanted her (the mother) to die.

“I have done everything for her. She even has the mark of the beast tattooed on her. It doesn’t matter what you do. She just doesn’t care…

“This child will try to burn down a house if you rebuke her,” the mother said, while fighting back tears.

On close inspection, this reporter saw the number “666” tattooed on the inner side of Richards’ left ankle.

The woman said it is because of her daughter’s bad behaviour why some members of her family have turned their backs on her.

“This child would call me a whore. My mother has turned her back on me and I can’t even go to them for anything,” the mother revealed.

“Like I have to break out my Bible on you today,” Chief Magistrate Young said.

Young asked Richards why did she place the tattoo on her leg and if she knew what it meant.

Richards told the court that it was her father who placed the tattoo there and that she has read the Bible to learn what 666 means.

Richards also did not deny telling her mother that she wanted her to die, but noted that it was a long time ago, when she was in hospital.

“I can’t tell you how to tame the beast, but I’ll deal with the mark of the beast just now…,” Young said.

The media was then ordered out of court, so did not hear the conclusion of the matter.(KW)