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First Assizes for 2013 close


Four hundred and sixty inmates are currently housed at three prison facilities here — 28 more than the number recorded at the close of last year’s Assizes on December 19.{{more}}

At the close of the first Criminal Assizes of this year, it was reported that at present, 257 male inmates are housed at Belle Isle Correctional Facility, 193 at Kingstown and 10 females at Fort Charlotte.

A total of 347 male inmates are serving sentences, 45 are awaiting trial in the High Court, six are awaiting sentencing and 52 are currently awaiting Preliminary Investigations into their matters.

Seven females are currently serving sentences and three are awaiting trial in the High Court.

Justices Frederick Bruce-Lyle and Wesley James presided over the Assizes.

Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams, along with assistant DPP Colin John and crown counsel Carl Williams, Sejilla McDowall, Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo and Kareem Nelson led the cases for the crown.(KW)