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Man thanks magistrate for sentencing him to a month in jail


A man who will spend Christmas in jail has thanked the magistrate for the one-month sentence.{{more}}

Javed Clarke Hutchinson thought he was underpaid for his services, so he stole from the person who hired him.

And, as a result of his actions, Hutchinson will spend the Christmas season at Her Majesty’s Prison.

At the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young sentenced Hutchinson to one month in jail after he pleaded guilty to stealing $65 from newspaper vendor Alma Ferdinand.

The court heard that Ferdinand was selling newspapers in Little Tokyo when a customer came and bought a newspaper.

Moments after, Hutchinson went up to her stall and snatched a sum of money from her and fled.

In court, Hutchinson, who was barefoot, said, “They want to pay me a dollar fo’ my wuk. I work hard and them ain’t pay me.”

Hutchinson, who is often seen on the streets of Kingstown, told the Chief Magistrate, “Lemme go jail. Lemme go jail.”

When the magistrate told him what his sentence was Hutchinson asked if it was one month and then told the magistrate “Thank you.” (KW)